Sunday, December 14, 2014


What former TV host/bad actress is currently turning tricks in Dubai? Carmen Electra via

This pretty old permanent A+ list singer from an A+ list group was in his room with a 20 something woman he picked up. He told her they should wait for an hour until his Viagra kicked in, but before it did he fell asleep and was out for the night. It was 6pm. Don Henley "The Eagles" via

This B+ list mostly movie actress says she lost all her baby weight by breast feeding, but the trainer she hired for 4 hours per day and her plastic surgeon would say there were other factors besides just breast feeding. Oh, and the double corset she copied from Jessica Alba. Scarlett JohanssonMila Kunis  via

After 9/11, a popular club in New York City worked with some firefighters to do a special fundraiser for the families of their lost brothers. Over the course of several nights, there was no cover charge, but patrons were asked to donate to an FDNY fund. Eastie, a famous film actor, showed up with his entourage on one of those nights. He saw the firefighters and their donation box at the entrance, pulled several hundred dollar bills out of his wallet, stuffed them in the box, and directed each member of each group to give as much as they could. Then he went into the club, introduced himself to another group of firefighters, bought them a round of beers, took photos with them, and hung out with them for about an hour. Celebrity after celebrity came to the club during that fundraiser. Every celebrity donated generously. Except for one. Westie, another famous film actor, showed up at the door with his own entourage. He was told about the purpose of the fundraiser. Westie looked at the firefighters and the donation box… and kept walking into the club. Neither he nor any member of his group donated anything, nor did they acknowledge the firefighters in any way! A doorman asked a member of his group "This is a fundraiser. Why is he being such a little shit?" She responded, "Oh, Westie never pays for anything. Everyone should just be honored that he’s here!"
Eastie: Mark Wahlberg (born in Boston)
Westie: Leonardo DiCaprio (born in Los Angeles) via

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