Tuesday, February 10, 2015

celebwhodunit.. Grammy edition

 It was his wife’s night, so it would have been nice for this singer to just lay low and play the totally supportive husband for a few hours. Nope. He was spotted at an after-party collecting women’s phone numbers. The women weren’t industry players. They were the attractive dates of industry players. He might have felt a little guilty, though, because right before he would ask them for their number, he would swivel his neck around to see if his wife or anyone else was watching. We wouldn’t judge if we knew that this couple had an open marriage… but they don’t. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton  via

While you debate the winners and losers from last night’s Grammys, we have a private rant to tell you about. This very famous musician – who was part of last night’s telecast – was furious about one of the winners, and vented after the show. "There’s no way he should have won! That was the biggest crime of the night, and no one noticed but me. That’s not art. That’s a felony! They shouldn’t be giving him trophies. They should be slapping cuffs on him. Fat white guy steals – steals! – other people’s work and gets rewarded for it, I’m done. I’m DONE!" Kanye West/Sam Smith

1) "That bitch has some motherfucking nerve to get up and walk out during MY performance!" – permanent A++ list icon on her arch rival being AWOL during her number. If you asked any of the other celebs in attendance last night, they were glad she left too. Madonna/Lady Gaga
2) What one-named singer who won big last night won because that slimy sect he belongs to made a backhanded deal with the Grammy board of directors? The sect is doing as much damage control as they can, because that documentary is proving to be a crippling blow. Beck (Scientology/HBO documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief")
3) What permanent A++ list songstress left the Grammys alone and in a rage after she saw one of her hubby’s mistresses trying to talk to her child backstage? Beyoncé/Rihanna/Blue Ivy
4) Which two former tweeners had a confrontation backstage after former tweener #1 overheard former tweener #2 imitating her singing? Their PR people had to break it up before it got physical. #1: Arianna Grande/#2: Miley Cyrus
5) At an afterparty, this openly gay reality star won the record of most phone numbers collected in a night. Among his victims: that A-list closeted boybander, that openly gay athlete and that B-list star of a soon-to-be-ending almost network show.
Gay reality star: Frankie Grande
A-list closeted boybander: Nick Jonas
Openly gay athlete: Robbie Rogers
B-list star: Darren Criss  via

This foreign born singer not named Rita Ora or Lily Allen says she has a boyfriend, but she was making moves on Meghan Trainor all night long. Our foreign born singer says she is not into women any longer, but, this was something else. Jessie J  via

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