Sunday, October 18, 2015


This pretty actress has taken to lecturing others on how they should behave. She is telling them how important it is for them to be kind. Oh, the irony! We’ve heard dozens of stories about how she fails to practice what she preaches. Here is one about her relationship with a sibling. I know that the public thinks that she’s so great and so nice, but [she] is, hands down, the nastiest, meanest, most selfish person in Hollywood. [Her brother] is about ten years older than her and had a really good career going in films. He was nominated for an Oscar before she ever even made her first movie! Even though he was this big star, [he] gladly took the time to introduce her around to people. He called people and said, "Hey, will you hire my sister? I’d consider it a great personal favor." He helped her get pretty much all of her first jobs and he helped her get an agent. Know what his payback was for all that? As soon as she became famous, she distanced herself from him, refused to help him get any work, and bad-mouthed him to anyone who would listen. She told everyone he was a mooch and a loser and she didn’t want him ruining her career. That really hurt him. He didn’t talk to her for years after that. Yes, this is exactly the same actress who is now lecturing others about the importance of kindness! Julia Roberts/Eric Roberts via

Literally every single time this actress steps out of her house, she causes some kind of scene that ends up here. She is a regular. I would say once a week she ends up in this spot for bad behavior. It probably is as easy as guessing Rita Ora, except this actress is mean and entitled. At a charity event this week, our B list mostly television actress from a hit network comedy complained about the food and drink selection and that it was cheap and blah blah blah. It was a charity event. She is so annoying. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")/No Kid Hungry Benefit Dinner  via

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort keeps showing up to big events. Half of the time she causes a scene or wants all the attention. Because she is at all these parties, it makes her look like she is invited. Nope. Almost every single time she is a +1 of someone. Now though, some party planners are making it clear that no one is allowed to bring her as a +1. Lindsay Lohan via

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