Sunday, November 15, 2015


Even as few as three months ago, this A+ list mostly movie actor would mingle with fans while he was filming. He was always taking selfies with them or signing photos. Now, when filming in public, he never talks to fans. OK, let me take that back. He does, BUT, they are all fans that have been pre-screened that are made to look random. Tom Cruise (Leah Remini’s book about Scientology)  via

This amazing Academy Award winning/nominated B+ list mostly movie actress who also sings says she is going back in for some more non-invasive lipo. Apparently this is how she keeps the weight off after her "dramatic" weight loss. Jennifer Hudson  via

This B+ list mostly television actress from a new hit network show has obviously learned how to be an a-hole from her dropping quickly B- list actor boyfriend. She complains about everything and everyone. She is a horror to work with and as the show continues to climb in the ratings she is getting worse. She went from being called by her first name to the crew being ordered to call her Ms._______. She won’t respond if you call her by her first name. Jaimie Alexander ("Blindspot")/Peter Facinelli  via

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