Sunday, December 27, 2015


You have to be less than half his age, and preferably still in your teens for this foreign born B+ list funnyman actor to take an interest in you or drink himself into a stupor before he is unable to perform with said teens. So, don’t ever believe any hype about him dating someone age appropriate. Will Arnett/Courteney Cox   via

Apparently this A+ list songstress was better in bed and provided more women to her boss than this foreign born B+ list singer/wannabe actress. The B+ lister is blaming the A+ lister’s relationship with the boss of both of them for causing the B+ lister’s career to stay in neutral.
A+ list songstress: Rihanna
B+ list singer/wannabe actress: Rita Ora
Boss: Jay Z  via

That excellent actress turned singer who I wrote about earlier this week has apparently been corrupted by this former tweener turned part-time singer/full-time drug user. Drugs are not what she needs right now but she has not stopped partying with him since they started. Hailee Steinfeld/Joe Jonas  via

You would be wrong if you never thought this former almost A- list mostly movie actress, turned escort, never offered a rate which includes a family member. Lindsay Lohan (sister Ali or mother Dina)  via

Four different pharmacies this week, is the count from one pap about this former A list singer turned reality star, turned actress, turned still has A list name recognition. That prescription pill addiction is out of control. Jessica Simpson  via

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