Sunday, January 31, 2016


This A+ list athlete who has a very big game next week is spending his off days boozing it up and hooking up with women who are not his significant other/baby mother. Cam Newton/"Panthers"  via

This former reality show star turned celebrity, turned reality show star, turned host, turned a million other things, had a big grin on her face the other night as she got half naked with two guys in a VIP room of a NYC club while partying with coke and booze. Well, I know how she stays so skinny now.   Bethenny Frankel "Skinny Girl" Candy launch   via

This Presidential Candidate really wants women on their side. Famous women. To that end, their team has been calling and emailing and texting famous actresses and singers to try and gain their endorsement. It’s not going so well. "No matter how famous [Candidate] is, we’re not having much luck getting the kind of response we want. Around 90% of the contacts we make won’t even respond back, and for the the rest we just get a polite "No" from their agent or manager or publicist. They say that their client is too busy or not committed to any one candidate yet or isn’t even registered to vote. Whatever. I’ve heard every excuse you can imagine. This is not going the way we thought it would." Donald Trump  via

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has been in some of the biggest movies of all-time and also some very strange and quirky ones, has a strange and quirky habit. She has life size models of every character she has played and displays them in her bedroom. A man who had sex with our actress said it was terrifying because they are all facing the bed. Helena Bonham Carter  via

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