Sunday, April 17, 2016


This Disney Channel couple recently got engaged. They are both cheating on each other so not sure they will make it to an actual wedding. At least not to each other. Dove Cameron/Ryan McCartan   via

This former A list mostly television actress turned bad movie actress who writes/directs/produces has a GPS on the phone of her husband which she checks every 15-20 minutes. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux  via

This former NFL player who probably won’t get another NFL job despite his A+ list name recognition is about to have a big problem on his hands. A woman is accusing him of sexual assault. Right now she is just talking to his lawyers but is about to go to the police. She has lots and lots of pictures. Johnny Manziel  via

I’m hearing there were no overnight activities for this A- list mostly television actress on a decent network show who also "sings" and ended a long reality run. The overnight activities would have occurred when she was picking up a massive paycheck for "singing." Apparently though she did give a topless lap dance to the host that lasted about ten minutes for which she received $100K. Her music of course was in the background. Jennifer Lopez  via

Apparently this Presidential candidate is so used to the nannies taking care of the kid(s) that he has no idea how to even interact with his kid(s) and was laugh out loud funny to watch at a family style event for television. Ted Cruz  via

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