Sunday, October 2, 2016


#1 – The parents of this A+ list mostly movie actress had an intervention for their daughter. Apparently she had a bad reaction to some drugs at their home. She said she didn’t have a problem but two weeks later they produced a list of every time she drank or used drugs which was written by someone with her nearly all the time. The list was three pages long. Our actress caved and has apparently been clean and sober since. Jennifer Lawrence
#2 – This former Victoria’s Secret model who somehow manages to stay relevant many years after the fact had all her teeth replaced with veneers because of the damage from years of purging.Elle Macpherson  via

If you are employed by or are a friend of this A+ list singer, you don’t talk about her in public without her permission. This person did, and didn’t say such nice things so now he won’t get any business from her and all of the referrals she sent his way will also be leaving. She is ruthless with barely anyone getting a second chance. Taylor Swift/John Newman (Calvin Harris) via

He should have known it would happen. The thing is though, I think he thought she wanted to be discreet. I’m guessing he probably should have Googled her first. There is no discreet if it is going to bring her some publicity, plus, she has never been one for discretion. I’m not sure why she should be in this case. I mean they are both single. Well, he says he is. He has gone through some ups and downs since being caught cheating on his wife and there are other women who think he is dating them exclusively, but he is technically single. He, is foreign born. He, used to be an A+ list celebrity. He will probably be an A list celebrity, maybe permanently. She, is an actress. She has seen better days. I say that because it is tough to go from A+ list to A- and even B+ list. They met at an event and he thought he would finally get to have sex with an actress rather than the couple reality stars from his own country that he has hooked up with over the past few years. Our actress was all for it, but she wanted to show him off. The only way to do that she found out was to get him drunk. Apparently pretty easy to do. The next thing you know, everyone knows he was with her which was not what he wanted for himself or all of the other women he manages to avoid being seen in public with. Tony Blair/Kate Hudson via

Apparently on the set of this soon to be live network show things are just one big orgy after rehearsals each day. They go get dinner and drinks and then have fun. One person who doesn’t join in is the former tween actress who thinks it is disgusting and won’t even go to dinner with everyone. "Hairspray" (Jennifer Hudson)"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Victoria Justice) via

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