Sunday, November 20, 2016


This former tweener actress turned annoying singer annoyed the producers of her latest project and a co-star when they all attended a press event. Our annoying singer was scheduled to come out from one side of the stage but refused because it would show off her "bad side." The entire thing was delayed 30 minutes so everything could be rearranged furniture and press location wise.Arianna Grande/Kristin Chenoweth (Press Junket For NBC's "Hairspray Live!") via

Which usually-beloved British actor wasn't making many new friends on a recent trip to a London hospital? He feared a Pink Floyd gig had caused him permanent ear damage – which maybe explains why so many people heard him shout "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" at hospital staff who didn't give him immediate attention. (We'd name him, but he's already threatened legal action against one paper on this story...) Benedict Cumberbatch  via

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Our actress fainted from not eating for a week at a recent event. She lives on cigarettes and water which is usually enough to get her through the day but she is promoting a new movie. Lily Collins (Phil Collins) ("Rules Don’t Apply") via

Probably a little embarrassing for this B list mostly television actor/movie writer to be confronted by one of his exes while out last week at a grocery store. His wife, an actress, was several feet away looking at something on the opposite side of the aisle and about ten feet down from our actor. The ex, ran up to the actor and said, "I really miss you spanking me." It was right then, the actress walked up and introduced herself as the actor’s wife. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston  via

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