Sunday, December 11, 2016


Pretty much shows the order of things when this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor chose to not have his significant other at a very big profile event but his co-star/girlfriend instead. Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes)/Emma Stone  via

Having to make a buck somehow but not wanting to go on a lengthy tour, this former A+ list singer had a high paying gig this past week. The genius of it on her part is that she got her "yachting" fee paid as part of her singing performance out of the country so it all looks like a normal business transaction. Her significant other is totally on board because he doesn’t want the money train to ever stop. Lately it has been sputtering though. A lot. Christina Aguilera (in Russia)  via

This former singer in a group where no one except her sang, says she gets almost physically ill when she has to have sex with her boss because of the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke. Nicole Scherzinger/Simon Cowell ("The X Factor")  via

That foreign born DJ who used to be involved in whatever you want to call it with an A+ list singer is one of three finalists for possible father to this foreign born singer/actress/reality host’s baby. Calvin Harris (Taylor Swift)/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini  via

Apparently last week, this getting to be permanent A list one named singer had an interesting cocktail hour with this foreign born A+ list celebrity who is A+ list everywhere in the world. She chain smoked joints and had wine and he sipped on a few straight whiskeys. Sunset and a beach and about 40 security staff who kept their distance. Rihanna/Prince Harry  via

You know, there will be a day that comes soon when readers of tabloids and viewers of entertainment news will wonder why the media outlets continue to drive a story that someone is straight when they know they aren’t. Give you an example, there is someone at this grammatically excitable network that had sex every day for months with this B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be in a franchise. In West Hollywood, it was as open as any other same sex relationship. However, even though the people at the network knew about it and behind the scenes loved them as a couple, the network is always on board with telling the world about his new girlfriend. You don’t have to out someone, but why do you keep telling such blatant lies.
Network: E!/Ryan Seacrest
B+ list actor: Taylor Lautner ("Twilight")
Lie: Relationship with "Scream Queens" co-star Billie Lourd  via

She won’t replace her celebrity boyfriend until she has a new drug supply, but that doesn’t mean this A- list singer known to be annoying isn’t willing to continue yachting. It is one of her favorite money making activities and much more lucrative than the gig she performed in the same town. She always says yes to this town, no matter how obscure the performance or how low the pay.Ariana Grande (Miami Beach)  via

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