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This permanent A+ list athlete wasn’t ready to announce her engagement. She had to though because this foreign born A list athlete and his PR people kept trying to leak stories that he was with her to get himself some publicity. Serena Williams (engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian)/Lewis Hamilton  via

This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show shares a love for hookers like his best friend who used to have his own show on the same network. The pair often go to strip clubs and compete to see who can get a stripper to go home with them for less money. George Lopez/Anthony Anderson  via

#1 – This back in the day holiday movie that everyone watches had a massive coverup. After much of the movie had been shot, one of the lead actors beat his girlfriend nearly to death. The producers of the former #1 movie paid her six figures to not file a police report. Later women in his life probably wish she had gone through with the report. John Heard ("Home Alone") (Melissa Leo)
#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is most known for a role he played in multiple media formats. The actress he kept calling a lesbian for refusing his advances is actually still in the closet. At the time of the holiday movie in which they both starred, she was just starting out and he pressured her beyond belief. Now, she is his equal, and once was probably a bit higher. She makes it a mission to talk about him and his actions all the time. Jeremy Piven/Bridget Moynahan ("Serendipity")
#3 – This actor is in multiple holiday movies. The one which is not a franchise though was not a good production experience. He had a relapse of coke and was doing it like crazy while having sex with every extra and walk on possible. The film is a disjointed mess because of his actions. Tim Allen ("Christmas with the Kranks")  
#1- While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best friend, both of whom are involved in this movie and generally most movies since childhood would arrange for a stripper to knock on the trailer door of this A+ list mostly movie actress asking for directions to the trailer of one of the three. They would never tell the stripper who was going to answer the door. Invariably when the door would answer and it would be the A+ lister, the stripper would spend 5-10 minutes trying to talk to her.
Actor: John Cusack
Best friend: Jeremy Piven
Actress: Kate Beckinsale
Movie: "Serendipity"

Actor: Vince Vaughn
Best friend: Jon Favreau
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Movie: "Four Christmases"
#2 – This A-/B+ list actor filmed a movie that takes place right after Christmas. He didn’t get along with an A-/B+ list actress he had most of his scenes with. They had close scenes. He didn’t shower the entire time they filmed together just to try and make her angry. Ashton Kutcher/Lea Michele ("New Year’s Eve")
#3 – With the exception of one cast member, the majority of this holiday classic smoked pot nonstop during the entire filming. Not including the kids in the movie of course. The one holdout? It kind of seems fitting given her character, but this A/A- list mostly television actress abstained. "Elf" (Zooey Deschanel)via

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