Sunday, January 15, 2017


Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you a story about our favorite former tweener turned regular rehab visitor? It involved a photographer buddy of hers who is also her drug dealer. It turns out he is also the drug dealer/photographer for the guy she is hooking up with right now. Selena Gomez/Mert Atlas/The Weeknd  via

In the scheme of reality show fakery, it does not really raise the bar, but there have been a dozen actresses and actors hired to be real people in the reality show of this permanent A list singer. "Mariah’s World"  via

As is their annual custom, this pair of married A- list co-stars from a hit network show used one of the complimentary suites offered to them for an hour long assignation. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal") via

This main A list red carpet host drove everyone nuts. Not only was his botox keeping his face looking like plastic, he couldn’t decide whether or not to wear socks and kept asking everyone repeatedly whether he should wear them. He would take them off and ask. He would put them on and ask. Biggest pain in the butt. Ryan Seacrest  via

If you are taking a break from making money the very public way, but still have bills, you do what this A+ list reality star is about to do. Go back to making your money the way you used to a few years ago. One night at a time. Overseas. Kim Kardashian (Dubai)  via

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