Sunday, March 12, 2017


#1 – This former celebrity turned host turned bad actress turned host turned celebrity is terrified this A list mostly movie actor is going to come after her in a public way after what she said about him. Jenny McCarty/Jim Carrey ("E Online" article)

#2 – The girlfriend of this so far one hit wonder who is a celebrity offspring has had multiple public incidents the past month where her nose just started bleeding. Really needs to cut back on the coke. April Love/Robin Thicke

#3 – Speaking of drugs, this foreign born A list rapper had a nonstop drug marathon while she was out of the country earlier this week. Nicki Minaj (Paris Fashion Week)

#4 – Apparently I should have made this an all drug edition. Our favorite former Disney actress turned future porn star saw a dentist this week to try and fix her meth teeth issues. Bella Thorne

The entire crew of a morning show wishes for more than anything that the host would decide to leave her job as host. No one enjoys going to work. For the most part if they have any contact with her she treats them poorly or ignores them because they are not worthy of her time. More than once she has gone on an, "I’m the f**king star," rant. Kelly Ripa  via

Speaking of awful behavior, we might have a new Norman Reedus type candidate for worst behavior at Cons. This foreign born actor had a franchise which is now back in the day. Long running. Not much success as an adult. He went to a Con this past weekend and was a boozing take anyone he could find back to his suite and then repeat the process as many times as he could before passing out at night. Tom Felton ("Harry Potter") (Emerald City Comic Con) via

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