Sunday, April 9, 2017


#1 – This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner told his actress wife there was no part for her in a production he is staging. Not true at all. Producers wanted to also cast his wife but he said he would not do the role if she was cast. Javier Bardem/Penélope Cruz (Untitled "Universal Monster" Project)
#2 – These noon time trysts are becoming more common for these married former network television co-stars. She is still on the show and has access to a place they use once every couple of weeks to hook up. Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")/Christopher Meloni
#3 – Yeah, apparently the foreign born actress who, with the men who slept with her broke up a few marriages, while also not being very successful in her own relationships is sleeping with the A+ list mostly movie actor. They have tried to keep it quiet the past two weeks but have been growing more careless. They are both single, but it would be front page tabloid stuff. Sienna Miller/Brad Pitt ("The Lost City of Z")
#4 – This openly gay still A- list singer (because of his past works and name) has been cheating on his significant other with a foreign born gay magician who is also in a relationship. Barry Manilow (Garry Kief)/Siegfried Fischbacher (Roy Horn)   via

When his A+ list male lover is not there, this married kind of a celebrity improvises. He spent a couple of hours with the French waiter that makes much more money hooking up with closeted male celebrities and other wealthy men than he does from waiting tables. Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford)/George Clooney (in St. Barts)  via

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