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Interesting. Back in the day this foreign born A+ list singer used to hook up with this married male A+ list rapper. The thing is, she is primarily into women these days. One of the things she loves doing is finding women for her former lover. Like last night. She brought several women to an event and he chose which one he wanted to hook up with for the night. Rihanna/ Jay Z (The Los Angeles Clippers Game)  via

#1 – One of the most cold blooded things I ever saw happen was at this party for a tweener show. A very famous, long running tween show. This must have been the third or fourth season of the show. Anyway, this regular cast member was 18. Maybe still 17. I am fuzzy about what month it was and it was right at the line of 17/18. I was stopping by the party for a quick minute at the most. Unlike their former boss, I don’t like to party with tweeners. Anyway, this actress is doing lines of coke like crazy. She really starts to get agitated at one point and starts jumping around almost like she was in a mosh pit. She slammed into this big glass award case. The glass is everywhere. Awards in it have hit the ground and broken. So, the perv boss comes by and asks what happened and the actress without missing a beat pointed out a feature player who was hoping to be promoted and said the featured player pushed the actress into the cabinet. The perv turns to the featured player and says you are fired. She never had an on camera job again.
Show: "What I Like About You"
Regular cast member: Amanda Bynes
Boss: Dan Schneider
Actress: Anicka Haywood (character Jill)

#2 – This now fat A list singer from a permanent A list group that should never have got back together was always a prick. He was a prick before, during and after the group was famous. I remember one time there was a model who asked him for some coke and he said I don’t do drugs. He said this literally as he came up from doing a line of coke. So, being a normal human being she pointed it out to him and asked him what it was about. He then punched her in the face. Knocked her out and said again he didn’t do drugs. Axl Rose ("Guns N' Roses")

#3 – This former member of what I think is the biggest manufactured female group of all time had a big booze problem. For decades. It is why she crashed and burned through so many relationships. One night, she was playing a solo show and I was backstage and everyone heard this loud crash and glass shattering. There she was, swinging a chair at each mirror in the room. It was a room where maybe 20 people could get ready so there were lighted mirrors at each station. She is not the biggest person in the world so she was having problems reaching the mirrors even with the help of the chair. She didn’t have any problems hitting all the lights surrounding the mirror. She was on a rant about they had given her crap vodka and put it in expensive vodka bottles and she could tell the difference and that is why none of the bottles had been sealed. She was ticked off. She didn’t stop until about half the bulbs were smashed. Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice "Spice Girls")

#4 – I remember this one time at SNL in the late 90’s There were a group of guys who were at the show. They were not actors or musicians, but at the time were A list in their corner of the entertainment world. The host that week was this A/A+ list mostly movie actor who has always been a prick. The guys that were there were drinking a lot. From the dress rehearsal all the way through the show. They kept taking jabs at the host which I loved because he deserved them, but he was getting more and more mad. The thing is, he couldn’t do anything about it because they would kick his ass. At the after party, these guys were still feeling no pain and the host decided to get even. He got some waitress at the party to cuddle up to each guy one at a time and the host would take a photo. What these guys didn’t know was the waitress was lifting her top each time so you could see her bare breasts and the pictures looked like something was going on when there wasn’t. Anyway, somehow the host got the e-mail of a wife of one of these guys and sent her the picture of her husband and the waitress. The wife left the husband for about six months. Ben Stiller/New York Yankees players David Cone, Chili Davis, Tino Martinez, Graeme Lloyd, and David Wells (October 24, 1998) via

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