Sunday, June 25, 2017


Guess which C list television actor, best known for his part on a cult classic television show, got into a screaming match with a coffee barista over a wrong order recently. 'It over such a minor thing and he went into such an angry tirade until he was puce in the face,' says the source in line. 'If cops were there he would've been arrested.' Arrested, huh? How ironic. Will Arnett  via

To make sure he can continue using drugs even when he is out of the country, this A list mostly movie actor sends an assistant to the country four or five days ahead of time with the product. Then, if they are busted, he would send another. No one has been busted yet. Johnny Depp via

This foreign born one hit wonder was out of the country this weekend and offered herself up to various producers and singers higher on the list than her (just about everyone is). She got zero takers. Apparently the word is out that if you hook up with her and she has your phone number, she will be bugging you 24/7. Iggy Azalea via

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