Sunday, July 30, 2017


This must make the 3rd or 4th time that I know of that CPS has been called to check on the children of this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. I think they get star struck. There is something going on when multiple people call. Charlize Theron via

SNL Cast Members And Crew Need To Stop HOOKING UP With Hosts! Lorne Michaels – the genius boss behind SNL – has made it clear that he is not a fan of his cast and crew hooking up with celebrity guests who have hosted the show. "Scarlett Johansson and "Weekend Update’s" Colin Jost have been seen hooking up and now it has been revealed that Ben Affleck has been seeing SNL producer Lindsay Shookus. This is getting ridiculous; SNL is a comedy show not a celebrity-dating app. The staff needs to knock it off," sources tell Straight Shuter. Another insider hints that another celebrity relationship with a member of the SNL team is going to be revealed soon! What is going on in those dressing rooms at 30 Rock where the show is filmed? via

Apparently this A/A+ list mostly movie actress decided Lyme Disease was not a good fit for her so picked some random disease to claim she has but her explanation of it and how she is feeling with it makes no sense and runs contrary to 99% of the people who suffer from the disease. My guess is she wants a fallback position for her drug use. Angelina Jolie (Bell’s Palsy) via

This former A+ list singer and his ex who is a former A+ lister herself share a love of getting high which is why they are always drawn back together. His last girlfriend freaked out about that kind of stuff and wanted to drug test him every time they went out. John Mellencamp (Christie Brinkley)/Meg Ryan via

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