Sunday, September 17, 2017


This actress is B list if you watch the hit almost television show and no one you would know otherwise. Despite not being old enough to drink she recently had to get a new set of teeth. Hers were destroyed from years of bulimia. Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things") via

This A- list reality star has actually made a deal with a momager to split the profits of the business the A- lister is running. He gets a steady income stream as a base courtesy of the momager and she gets half the yachting revenues he is generating with his never ending cast of teens he recruits. Scott Disick/Kris Jenner via

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who had a gap between the departure of her hit show and new work basically has it all on the line for a new movie about to release. She is resourceful though. If it bombs she has a trip to Dubai in the works for the end of October. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries") ("Flatliners")  via

It is all fun and light when the cameras are turned on but this A- list mostly television actress is causing chaos behind the scenes of her rebooted show with tons of demands that are making the crew really dislike her and causing a divide within the production. Debra Messing ("Will and Grace")  via

This A lister has been banned from making any charitable appearances regarding Hurricane Irma over a media appearance during the last big disaster. "[Name omitted] is a lovely person,’ says the source, ‘but a quiet check is the way to go. [gender omitted] humiliated themselves last time around.’ I guess the power of a cheque will have to make do for now. "A Concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief" (Kanye Westvia

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