Sunday, October 15, 2017


Think this former A list singer has changed? He hasn't. That was a 16 year old girl he brought to a party the other night. 16 might be generous. The dress he made her wear showed off everything and he told others she was the best he ever had. At this point he thinks he can get away with anything because he has. It is maddening. R. Kelly  via

This permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group has a much younger girlfriend who has been trying to get him to change his will to include her. If you think the widow is bad, this would be way worse if she accomplishes her goal. Steven Tyler/Aimee Ann Preston via

Do you think this late night talk show host will ever apologize for all the college women he groped at bars? The wannabe actresses who wanted to be on his show in a bit? The way he would force them into a corner before he would try and kiss them? Jimmy Kimmel via

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