Sunday, October 29, 2017


It was her nirvana. Awash in pure coke and tequila shots, this former Disney actress turned future porn star said she had the best night of her life. It wouldn't shock me to see her move to be closer to it all. Bella Thorne via

This former A+ list athlete who will be A list permanently in that sport and as a celebrity figure won't get rid of the girlfriend who is basically shaking him down for money every month because she has connections for all the ills he needs to get through each day. Tiger Woods/Erica Herman   via

Our favorite former tweener actress/singer turned bad actress/A- list adult singer with a bit of a drug problem was supposed to do a mini tour to support a new single. She said no. She has no desire to do anything where she would have any possible interaction with fans. She will only do talk shows or award shows. Selena Gomez via

This ancient former A list talk show host carries a handful of $100 bills and asks women who seem to like him if he can touch them for a $100. Larry King  via

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