Sunday, November 26, 2017


This actress (B list mostly television actress who can't get work after her hit show) was heard saying, direct quote: "I'm so pissed about all these feminists hags bitching about casting couches! Like anybody would rape half of them - and yeah, like (A- list mostly television actress/former beard) would have to be raped. Please! B**ch is a walking mattress. What's fucked up is that now all these guys are so scared that I can't even get a f**king call-back to suck a guy off for a role! Maybe I enjoy masturbating in an office for a part! They ever think about THAT?? Where's my rights?". Ashley Benson/Olivia Munn  via

They will probably record a song together and they might end up hooking up, but this A list singer recently met with this foreign born A list singer because he has the best coke and she loves great coke. Katy Perry/The Weeknd  via

I suppose that if you are trying to change a narrative about the relationship between you and an individual, now would be the time to do so. As I documented here years ago, this A+ list mostly movie actress got busted sending pics to the now disgraced producer and not someone else she wants you to believe now was the intended recipient. Jennifer Lawrence/Harvey Weinstein/Nicholas Hoult  via

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