Monday, December 18, 2017

the best warning label

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Unknown said...

True story: I worked for a Los Angeles area paper mill. Some new guy
was hired to manage environmental issues. I had a 5-gallon pail that
I used as a tool bucket. I did not choose any old bucket, mine was
a de-headed Sullair 24kt oil bucket. It was gold over black and it
cost $500.00 when full of their synthetic oil. If you used genuine
parts and 24kt oil, you got a 10-year warranty on their rotary screw

New guy overreacted to some OSHA rule and told anyone that any marked
bucket needed to have an MSDS data sticker on it. I told the guy the
head was missing and it had not held anything but tools in 5 years.
He was not buying it. We were all forced to take generic white plastic
buckets and that was that!

I took out a Sharpies and wrote Sonny's politically correct, chemically
inert, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable BUCKET. I made
the mistake of leaving a little space between the body of the text and
word bucket, where a coworker wrote: "and totally gay" Usually, I would
have been upset, but that was the perfect addition!

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