Sunday, January 14, 2018


This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show seems to have amnesia about the time she hooked up with this former A++ list politician. Her memory only seems to work well when it is advantageous to her. Rose McGowan ("Charmed")/Bill Clinton via

This A/A+ list height challenged actor is up for a new role he wants very much. The thing is though, the foot fetish director would rather have someone who is not going to get high and mighty if there is sex on the set because it is what our director lives for. Tom Cruise/Quentin Tarantino (Charles Manson murders) via

This A list mostly movie actor is probably not expecting the lawsuit headed his way. Oh sure, he thinks a woman might file one but what about that guy he raped a few years back who had to go to the hospital? Yeah, I bet he thought that guy was out of the picture. Nope. Not even close. James Franco via

There are several people who witnessed this disgraced A list producer making out and groping an actress at party. I think we all could kind of guess that part. The actress was in a state of undress. The producer was married and his wife was pregnant. The host of this particular party was this permanent A++++ list celebrity who everyone knows in every corner of the world. Despite witnessing what was happening and calling out the producer, the A++++ lister invited the producer to a party the next month where he basically did the same thing again with an entirely different actress. Never uttered a peep about it to anyone. Oprah (Harvey Weinstein) (British actress Kadian Noble one of several women suing Harvey Weinsteinvia

This A list mostly television actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a new movie coming out but the studio are dragging their heels promoting it. Is it great? No, but the rough cut I saw I really thought had possibilities. So, why the slow walk by the studio? The star of the movie turned down the advances of the person who has the money to spend. Taraji P. Henson  via

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