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Queen Of The Night: All of you know this actress. She used to be A list. In fact, she was A list on television multiple times. She is writing a book but told me some of the stories that she wants to put in the book but editors are squeamish to see in print. Good thing I know none of you get squeamish. Our actress says that for almost a decade she had to sleep with this producer almost every single day to keep her job. He is a permanent A list producer and when she got married he threatened to fire her. He didn't, but he wasn't willing to hire her again for any other project until she divorced. The month of her divorce, he gave her a job and she started having sex with him again. Those were her two biggest hits. In between those hits was a big miss, but again, she said she was expected to have sex with the producers, yes plural and was threatened every day with being fired if she didn't. She needed the work so she agreed. She also said it was during this time period that has led to her long time addiction problems. She was going through a lot personally and then what was going on at work so she started taking drugs to just numb everything. She says that while she was shooting her biggest hit, that even though she was married for most of the time on the show, that the producer who had always been jealous in the past was less jealous this time around because he was sleeping with an actress from a different show and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. When our actress went to another hit after this hit, she thought for once she wouldn't have to sleep with someone on set. She was wrong. The lead actor made it clear he would fire her unless she hooked up with him. This led to a situation I have written about before but she refused to comment about. Previous blind
Actress: Heather Locklear
Producer: Aaron Spelling
First hit: "T. J. Hooker"
Two biggest hits: "Dynasty" and "Melrose Place"
Big miss: "Going Places"
Actress from different show: Shannen Doherty ("Beverly Hills, 90210")
Other hit/lead actor: Charlie Sheen ("
City")  via

It is always dangerous to go up against this daytime talk show host as a foreign born A list singer/rapper and his family member are about to find out. Our talk show host knows where all the bodies are buried and unlike others is not shy about revealing locations of them. Wendy Williams/Drake and his love child Adonis  via

This A+ list mostly movie actress thought her television experience would be a one off thing. Forced into making it a two off thing, she has not been pleased. To make things worse, two co-stars have decided to turn their own unpleasant set experiences into a PR campaign against the A+ list actress which is really out of place.
Show: "Big Little Lies"
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon
Two co-stars: Shailene Woodley/ZoĆ« Kravitz via

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