Sunday, July 29, 2018


Our favorite former Disney star turned A-/B+ list actress/future porn star is finally starting to try and do some good with her position and place in the showbiz world. She knows that a certain award show is entirely there for the men in power to find very young teens and women to prey on and she wants no part. As someone who has been groped and assaulted at the event, she knows better than others how gross it is. Bella Thorne ("Teen Choice Awards")  via

Think this permanent A list singer is in control of her life? Whether she is at home or on the road if she orders food from anywhere other than her house, she has to get approval from someone higher on the ladder. They decide if it should be approved based on calorie count and what our singer has already eaten that day. Britney Spears via

Which recently engaged pop star with a reputation for being a total nightmare has suddenly become much nicer – and friends are saying it is because she is trying to impress her new fiancĂ©. He has no idea yet how nasty she can be, but everyone in Hollywood already knows about her attitude. It is not uncommon for her to leave reporters and even fans in tears. She is one to the cruelest young stars in the business today. Insiders are hoping her boyfriend lasts a long time because without him the old version of her will most likely return! Ariana Grande via

She is still technically married. Her "empire" is all but gone now. She thinks she can still bring it back to what it was before. I think everyone has their doubts, but she is going to try. One person she has enlisted is the A++ list family friend she frequently socialized with while with her husband. The A++ lister is married too but has made it clear over the years he would enjoy pursuing a relationship with her. Hey, if she closed her eyes with her husband, she can probably do the same here and so she has. She is using some of his money which is actually from friends doing him a favor and using his influence to get people to buy her product again. He is trying to help, but his leverage is not the same her husband enjoyed so things are definitely more difficult. She is hopeful and he certainly collects each week at least once what she promised in exchange. Georgina Chapman (wife of Harvey Weinstein) (fashion label Marchesa) (Bill Clinton) via

Have you heard of Raya? That’s not the title of a low-budgeted, indy movie coming out. It’s the name of an exclusive ‘famous people’ dating app that is more popular than Tinder in LA. Well, this A – maybe B – lister, who people have accused of being the queen of gold diggers, had an account on there and would go on a date with any man that she perceived as powerful and famous. Sexual attraction and personality were irrelevant. ‘She would Wikipedia the men before she’d reply,’ the former friend tells me. ‘That’s the sort of person that she is. No wonder her ex got royally screwed over.’ Meghan Markle  via

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