Sunday, October 7, 2018


This disgraced comedian who should stay in his corner paid several dozen people to watch a recent set just so he could try and convince other places to let him play. Louis C. K. via

Don't believe the hype this A list politician is trying to spread. Everyone knows he prefers men but that doesn't play on the stage he wants the next couple of years. Corey Booker (trying to keep relationship with Chanda Gibson, executive director of the Council of Urban Professionals, a secret)  via

The producers of this network reality show wanted someone gone because they were tired of actually having to be nice and accommodating. So, they made up a reason and said buh bye. Jerks."Dancing With the Stars" (voting glitch)/blind contestant Danelle Umstead eliminated via

Ahh, you knew it wouldn't be long before this former tween actress from back in the day turned reality star turned host would cheat on her husband. With who, you ask? The very old head of the company that is in overall charge of her most current gig. Alyssa Milano ("Insatiable") via

This former B+ list mostly television actress could really use a reboot of that almost network hit which would never get at least one star back on it. She was at a recent party and is accused of stealing about $25K worth of jewels from the host. Mischa Barton via

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