Sunday, November 4, 2018


This closeted former A list mostly movie actor is probably B+ list now. He doesn't usually like to display new beards, but he is now because he is worried about that Bryan Singer Esquire article.Taylor Lautner via

The married closeted A+ list mostly movie actor I wrote about last week which shocked many of you has been rapidly losing weight over the past few weeks because he is so worried about having his name called out in the big hit piece arriving soon. Hugh Jackman (Bryan Singer "Esquire" article) via

This foreign born A+ list rapper/singer is headed for a massive fall. Unlike others in his profession who seem to be able to hook up with underage boys and girls without impunity, his misdeeds are going to get a huge spotlight. Drake via

After two pregnancy scares in the past few months, this foreign born A+ lister not named Ryan Reynolds got a vasectomy. It would have been strange optics to see him with two different women pregnant and his supposed significant other pushing around a stroller. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes via

The last straw for Disney was when this A+/A list mostly movie actor got wasted drunk in Club 33 and then got into a scrap with two security guards as he tried to make his way to a very nearby ride that has a lot to do with him. Johnny Depp  via

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