Sunday, March 3, 2019


Apparently this A- list mostly movie actor stopped paying the monthly expenses of his boyfriend, so the boyfriend split for someone who would. Zachary Quinto/Miles McMillan via

This former tween actress/singer turned talk show host is trying to come up with a side gig so she can leave her husband. He doesn't have the income she wants. I think she forgets he spent what was left of his fortune on her. Adrienne Bailon/Israel Houghton via

It make sense that the drug addicted former A+ list reality star from back in the day everyone knows likes hooking up with the A-/B+ list rapper who always has the best drugs. Paris Hilton/Machine Gun Kelly via

Yesterday afternoon, this CEO announced changes which would result in thousands of workers losing their jobs. At the time, the CEO was not at his company's offices. He was at his mansion a few hundred miles away. He wouldn't even tell the press how many workers were being affected. The guy just doesn't care about people. Elon Musk via

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