Sunday, March 31, 2019


This foreign born permanent A list celebrity was hitting on men again yesterday. Not for sex, but for them to "invest" in her money pit of a fashion empire. Victoria Beckham  via

The former Disney A+ lister turned A- list adult actor who does mostly movies was a walking illicit pharmacy last night after a premiere. Zac Efron  via

This A list everything in her mind took a good solid 5 minutes to roll a joint because she was trembling so much after hearing about her significant other's latest side piece. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez  via

The alliterate former actress turned royal is isolating her husband from anyone who who would possibly counsel him to separate from the former actress. She wants to be his only friend. To rely on her. It kind of feels like something an abusive man would do. Meghan Markle/Prince Harr via

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