Sunday, April 7, 2019


This reality star who is one of many wives has a profile on Tinder, so not sure how that works in the marriage exactly. Meri Brown ("Sister Wives")  via

This A+ list mostly movie actor recently made one of his foreign born reality star hookups terminate a pregnancy. He did keep seeing her after. Brad Pitt/Caroline Fleming  via

These two A+ YouTube stars were pushing lots of booze on a woman over the weekend and trying to get her to go home with both of them. She kept refusing and finally after an hour they called her a w**re and walked out and left her with the bill. Logan and Jake Paul via

Have you noticed a change in personality the past couple years for this permanent A+ list celebrity? She went from someone who seemingly cared about the underdog, to someone who was willing to step on them as long as she kept her privileged status. The transformation was fairly sudden. What caused it? Some very powerful people discovered the secrets she was hiding about some of the things she had done to others to help her not only get to the top but to stay at the top. One of those involved violence and intimidation from someone she had hired. Not exactly the image she is known for. It wasn't that she was blackmailed to be a different person, she was just told sometimes they would want some help from her. She agreed, but what might have started out as an unwilling acceptance has turned into willing partner of greed and making sure she stays on top no matter what. Whether it is secretly funneling millions of dollars to help support the defense of the disgraced producer or making sure victims of certain power brokers and celebrities don't get a chance to share their story, she is all about consolidating that power.
A+ list celebrity: Oprah Winfrey
Disgraced producer: Harvey Weinstein
Power broker: David Geffen via

This CEO asked a celebrity customer to cover up a safety issue, instead of making it public. He also probably has a collection of videos of customers having sex who didn't notice the video camera inside their car recording everything. Elon Musk/Sheryl Crow  via

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