Sunday, April 21, 2019


This foreign born former B+ mostly movie actor who all of you know from one movie role has been living off it ever since. Despite a straight to video kind of career, he is big on mentoring young men and women, who I should point out, all appear to be legal. However, his mentorship always includes lots of sexual activity or he refuses to help them and tells them he will have them blackballed. Dolph Lundgren via

I don't blame her, but it is still funny every time it happens. This foreign born alliterate A- list dual threat actress got angry with two teens who mistook her for Justin Bieber. Ruby Rose via

Dear monthly magazine that is run by the sunglassed one,
Thanks for finally publishing what I have been talking about for years. Modeling is essentially a front for yachting and the agents acting as pimps.
Love & Bacon,
"Vogue"  via

A child would spoil everything this foreign born A-/B+ list actress has been planning for almost two years, so of course there won't be a child unless somehow it is needed for a career boost. Priyanka Chopra  via

As soon as this closeted politician suspends his campaign is the day his relationship ends. There will be no forever. Cory Booker via

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